Why Use Cross Trainers & Treadmills

To work out the whole body, and get your cardio in too, a combination of Cross Trainer and treadmilling is perhaps the most thorough and convenient way. With such a complete fitness routine using only two pieces of equipment, it may even be easier to ditch your gym membership and invest in buying them for home. Here are our top three reasons why you should make the switch.

  • Full Body Workout

The Cross Trainer targets three key areas: the arms, the legs and the torso. It works all of your muscles in the lower leg, whilst the pedals also provide a way to tighten those glutes. Meanwhile, the dual-action handle bars means that with one pumping motion your arms, shoulders, chest and back are toned simultaneously. In conjunction with the cardio from spending time on the treadmill, you’ll be both fitter and more toned in no time.

  • The Cross Trainer is Easy on the Joints

Long distance jogging can be harsh on the knee joints, which take a beating over time. However, as your feet never leave the pedals on the Cross Trainer, there’s no unnecessary pressure being repeatedly put on those joints of yours. With the holistic workout actually strengthening your bone and muscle density, it will actually make your joints much more resilient.

  • You’ve Got Complete Control

The intensity of your workout is down to you. With a great deal of customisation in terms of speed, resistance, and of course duration, you choose whether you’re really going to pump it or take it easy. Having your own equipment also means that, no matter your prefered setting, there is no pressure from anyone else in the comfort of your own home.

By combining the Cross Trainer and treadmill into one workout, you’ll have a balanced fitness routine with low-impact on your joints and high-impact on your muscle tone. With only two machines necessary for this, it could the ticket to achieving your fitness and health goals even quicker.

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