Tim Mullen – The Bio

Tim Mullen was born in La Plata, Argentina. He is holds a Ph.D degree from the Department of Cognitive Science at UC San Diego, where he works with organisations such as Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience and the Institute for Neural Computation. His research focusses on creating and developing way to understand brain dynamics and computational mechanisms that underlie cognition and brain dysfunction in human beings.

His projects have included pushing forward neural data analysis and prediction softwares alongside brain imaging projects such as the ‘Glass Brain’, at Xerox PARC he patented and developed ‘wearable-brain computer interface technology’. As well as being the developer of the Source Information Flow Toolbox (SIFT). He has published extensively in the scientific field, but focuses primarily on machine learning, adaptive system identification techniques to infer cognitive and emotional states.

His work at Intheon has focused on medical, scientific and health communities to provide them with up to date state of the art statistical infrastructure that uses machine learning and biosignal processing as well as cloud computer infrastructure. Alongside this he directs Intheon’s R & D division ‘Intheon Labs’, which encourages the advance of applied research in neurotechnology.

His other more creative projects include the San Diego classical arts organisation ‘Mainly Mozart, in which as founding director of ‘Mozart and the Mind festival, he curates a series of concerts, interactive technology, presentations and exhibitions that explore in depth the workings of our brain in response to music and sound.

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