The NeuroDrummer by StudioBee

Developed by StudioBee, the Neurodrummer is a brain-training game of the future. The Neuro Drummer was created by Matt Whitman and Mike Gonzales in San Francisco, alongside director of Adam Gazzaley, the director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center. Using the Oculus Rift headset, and virtual reality/real time graphic simulations of brain processing, the Neurodrummer creates a music based 360 degree fully interactive space. In videos recorded at the Nvidia GPU Technology, the simulation was used by Mickey Hart (drummer of the Grateful Dead) which showcased the stunning potential of this software.

One of the main uses for this technology is degenerative diseases such as brain processing, it has the potential to treatment for Alzheimer’s and for restoring cognitive health in seniors. This is based on the idea that sound and rhythm can help to repair connectivity in the brain in a way that other brain training exercises cannot. These pathways deteriorate in old age.

Having used the technology it is already receiving news of effective results, Gazzaley hopes to extend this to platforms such as mobile to create games and apps that can genuinely improve mental health. He hopes that in the future the games will gain government approval and that after diagnosis patients will be prescribed solutions such as this. The Neurodrummer is also being trialed to help with ADHD, autism and depression and a number of pharmaceutical companies have begun to invest in these ideas. These games could well be the mental health solutions used by a major section of the population.

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