The Glass Brain & How It Effects Your Health

The Glass Brain is a project created by Unity3D, that visualises and recreates a 3D version of your brain. It has the potential to map out, in real time, the workings of person’s brain. It can cover a range of signals sent through the brain through MRI modelling to give a working picture of a person’s mind.

The potential benefits for health are myriad. Being about to localise the effects of, for example, specific substances on a person’s mind is something that would greatly affect treatment, and for a patient or observer to be able to see how the brain is working could change the way they approach the problem and the solutions they give. Because of its transparency (the 3D imaging literally enables you to ‘travel around’ your own brain with the use of a tablet) and its simplicity, both those seeking to learn as well as experts will be able to benefit from the Glass Brain.

Additional benefits would obviously including the diagnosing of mental health issues, as well as both positive and negative studies on the workings of the human mind. It may well be a step towards a higher tech future, and one which scientists and health professionals alike a seeking to support.

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