How The Brain Reacts To Working Out & The Release Of Endorphins

Exercise makes you happy, and it’s scientifically proven. On a purely anecdotal level, we’ve all heard before that exercising can become addictive, satisfying and makes you generally feel good for the rest of the day. But the reasons behind it are much more cognitive, and the reason for the release of ‘happy’ endorphins may be surprising.

What’s Going On In The Brain

As you begin to exercise and your heart rate increases, your brain registers this as an instance of stress. And so, to protect yourself from this stress and to minimize the discomfort of exercise, a chemical called endorphins (also known as ‘happy hormones’) are released. Not only do these work to block out pain and uncomfortable feelings in your muscles, but they can even elicit a euphoric response. That’s way many people express such profound satisfaction and happiness after a great workout. It’s not just the feeling of accomplishment (although that’s definitely part of it!) but it’s also the endorphins making you happier!

How This Improves Your Workout

The release of endorphins releases stress, and as such can help you sustain a longer and more fulfilling exercise routine. When you’re feeling more at peace, you are able to focus much more sharply on the task at hand; whether it’s cardio on the treadmill, or a full body workout on the Cross Trainer. Utilise this happiness as an opportunity for more deliberate and valuable exercise, where your relieved pain and stress can enable you to push harder than you thought you physically could.

How These Endorphins Can Help With Your Well-Being

Knowing that exercise can actually make you happy means that you can improve not just your fitness, but also your well-being. If you ever get the feeling that your life is too full of stress, just schedule in more regular trips to the gym or home exercises. Perhaps you need a quick run early in the morning to relax you before a long day of work, or to cool down after work. Whatever the reason, it is always important to remember that your well-being is of utmost importance; and if exercise can help, then get working out!

It’s not just something exercise enthusiasts say; even the scientists confirm it. Working out causes your brain to send signals that you’re feeling happier, calmer, and more comfortable.  The ‘happy hormones’ released aid in improving not only your fitness, but also your mental well-being, giving even more reason to keep your exercise routine consistent and frequent.

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